Please email with pricing and availability. We will be back soon!


Where are you located?

My home studio is located in Las Flores, CA (Oso and Antonio). I currently serve all of Orange County, California.


How much does it cost to get my photos done?

Please click on the “Investment” link above for general pricing info. Email me for all of the details


What happens if I have a session booked and I deliver early or late?

Don’t worry! This happens all of the time! If you have booked a session with me in advance, I am always flexible I’m moving things around to accommodate your baby’s timing.


What if I want parent and grandparent shots in the session?

No problem! Shots with the parents & grandparents are included in the session at no additional charge. In fact, they are encouraged! Only when there are additional little ones included in the session is there an additional fee.


I have twins. Is there an additional cost?

Yes. Twins are an additional $50 for the session fee.


I would like older siblings in the shots. Is this possible?

Yes! This is very common with my clients and can enable some great shots! To add siblings to the session, it is an additional $50 (not per sibling – this is total). I kindly ask that the sibling shots are done apart from the newborn session and that an additional parent or guardian be there to remove the siblings during the remainder of the shoot.


How many pictures can I expect to get during my session?

You will be provided with a “soft-proofed” gallery of 50 to 70 images that you can select/purchase. Soft-proofed images are lightly edited for exposure and cropping. The images that are purchased will be fully edited for color, blemishes, wrinkles, lines, skin smoothing, etc. See for samples of fully edited images.


Will all of my pictures be edited?

Yes! I take pride in delivering only the best possible images to my clients. All of your images that are selected/purchased will be fully edited (see section above).


When should I plan on booking my session?

The earlier the better! I typically book out several weeks in advance, so booking your session early will guarantee a spot. Ideally, clients will book 3-4 months before their due date


How soon after having the baby should I come in to get their pictures done?

It is best to have pictures done of your baby 7-12 days after delivery. This is because babies are the sleepiest during this time that enables all of the great poses!


My baby is already older than 10 days. What can I do?

Don’t worry! Although your baby is older than the suggested age, sometimes getting them into the studio will work. For example, if your baby decided to come earlier than expected, taking pictures shortly after the suggested age should not have a profound impact on the session. Make sure to email me to discuss details!


Do I need to bring anything to the session?

Yes – There are some items that I request you bring to the session to help with the baby and keep them nice and sleepy to get the best shots possible. Additional information will be provided once the session has been booked.


Should I bring my own props?

If you would like to bring your own props and/or outfits, that is fine with me! However, there is no need as I have hundreds of props, hats, tutus, buckets, etc. that you can choose from during your session. You can see a sample of this selection by visiting my website posts


How long after the session will I be able to see my photos?

A soft-proofed gallery will be available for viewing 3-5 days after your session. Once images are ordered, fully edited images will be ready within two weeks.


How am I able to see and purchase my photos?

I host all of the photos on an online viewing gallery with a unique password for each of my clients. On this gallery, you can view each photo and order prints, digital copies, books, albums and more!


I just want all of the digital files, is this possible?

Yes! I offer digital packages starting at 20 digital files for $500.


My baby has skin issues – dry, rash, peeling, acne, etc. Will this show up in our photos?

Sometimes there are some imperfections that cannot be removed with Photoshop without having a really unnatural look, however most of the time these issues can be edited out of the photos.

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  • mohsenAugust 15, 2015 - 9:52 pm

    my due date is Aug/18. Can I plan on booking
    my session?ReplyCancel

  • mohsenAugust 15, 2015 - 9:55 pm

    my due date is Aug/18. Can I plan on booking my session?ReplyCancel

  • CourtneySeptember 28, 2015 - 11:19 pm

    I would like to book a newborn shoot with you if possible. I will likely be induced within the next week, do you still have availabllility? Please contact me if this is possible.ReplyCancel