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Props and Posing Options

Newborn photography is all about the poses & props! Since getting into the newborn photography industry in 2009, I have seen a vast expansion of baby poses in the studio, and a wide variety of props used on a constant basis. The style is always changing, and it seems as the styles change – the list of possibilities grows with it! Sometimes, clients come in overwhelmed with all of the available options at their disposal. Since there are so many choices, I have put together a one-stop “menu” for clients that alleviate the stress of picking and choosing styles from various other sources, having to compile them, and either print them out and bring them to the session, or having to email them.

Simply click on the thumbnails below to cycle through the various poses and props before your session. Also, if you would like, during your session you can pull this site up on your phone/tablet to make sure we get your “must-haves” before you leave!