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What To Expect

What To Expect – Newborn Photography


Having a newborn baby can be a wonderful and exciting experience. That being said, it can also be very scary! Being entirely responsible for a brand new baby can seem overwhelming! The good news is, there is plenty of time to prepare for your new addition (or sometimes not!). If you have taken the time to consider whether you should get professional newborn pictures, fortunately, there are a lot of options in store for you. There are a large amount of Newborn Photographers in the Orange County area, all with differing styles (more on that later). Deciding who should take your baby’s photos should not be taken lightly – Just think, your baby is only a newborn once in their life, who you have capture these moments should be chosen carefully!


If you have taken the time to look over some of my work, you might notice that most of the photos I take have a recurring style, pose, or “look”. What you are noticing is my style of newborn photography. Over the past several years, I have fine tuned this style, based on the influence of other photographers, mentors, and my past clients’ preferences. Usually, not one newborn photographer’s style is exactly the same. This is great, because the options are almost endless!

I consider my style of photography as ‘Posed Photography’, as opposed to the other most common form of newborn photography, which is ‘Lifestyle Photography’. Posed Photography is typically done in a studio setting, with studio lighting. Lifestyle Photography is typically not in a studio setting (e.g. outdoors, or in clients home) and uses natural lighting.


Once you have booked your appointment, I usually keep in touch as the date approaches to ensure that the session goes according to YOUR preferences. All of the colors, props, and poses are up to you! Of course, there are some professional suggestions that I might make during the process, but ultimately, my clients are in control of how their pictures will look. I have made an effort to do this for my clients because I value YOUR time. I value the fact that you have selected me for your newborn portraits, and want nothing but satisfied clients.

Also leading up to the session, I provide critical information via email to my clients giving specific instructions on how to prepare the baby for the session to maximize poses, and minimize fussiness.

Newborn photography sessions typically last 2-3 hours in the studio. This is because sometimes babies are not cooperative (who knew!?). Before we begin the session, I usually give time to feed the baby while we discuss options (and oh my how many there are!). Headbands, tutus, leggings, backdrops, and more! I have almost every kind of prop under the sun! Usually I will have a good idea of what to expect based on prior emails for colors, etc.

Once the session is complete, I take a power nap, drink a massive diet coke, and then “soft-proof” the images for hosting. What is soft-proofing you may be asking? Soft-proofing is the process of cropping, adjusting for color, and making other macro edit adjustments to photos to be ready for viewing & ordering. Once the soft-proofing is done, typically 1-2 days after the session, I send a link to view the images for your viewing and ordering. A typical soft-proofed gallery is filled with about 60 images. When an image is ordered from your gallery, before it is delivered, it is fully edited for blemishes, minor skin corrections, and all other detailed edits. The delivered product is just like the photos you would see on my blog and/or website.

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