Why Hire A Professional?


So why should you hire a professional photographer for my newborn pictures?

This is a great question.

I see this a lot on the newborn and other Orange County Newborn Photography forums. It usually starts with someone looking for a “deal” or a “favor” or a “freebie”. I mean, it’s just taking pictures of a baby… How hard could it be? You have a $900 camera you got last year for Christmas, that should be enough to do it right? Just throw up a white sheet for a background, touch up in iPhoto, and voilà! Right?…

NOPE… Not even remotely. Here is why:

The reality of the situation is that you get what you pay for. Like all other things in life, nothing is free, and usually the more expensive something is, the higher quality it is, the more it can be relied upon (Usually!).

Before I get ahead of myself here, I want to clarify that I am in no way discouraging those who are interested in starting out their newborn photography business. Nor am I saying that someone should never go with a beginner newborn photographer. We all start somewhere. I started from the very beginning and struggled with getting clients, and increasing the quality of my work product. It is all apart of the journey and makes obtaining success that much sweeter!

So to draw a comparison for example purposes: Think about a car seat. Your child’s car seat. Yes. The one you just bought. How much did you pay for that car seat? Did you do extensive research on the seat prior to purchasing it? Did you read reviews and call around to all of your Orange County friends getting their opinions on it? I thought so.

Did you go on Facebook asking people for the cheapest one you could possibly buy? Did you search for a car seat manufacture that just started making car seats with no track record and tell them that giving you a car seat for free would help promote their product? I didn’t think so.

Now I realize car seats and newborn photography are two very different things, but the purpose of the above example was to illustrate a point. The most effective, tried and true car seats are not the cheapest. If you want the latest and greatest in safety technology, you are going to pay for it. The same goes with your newborn or baby photographer. If you care about quality, if you care about having something that will last a lifetime – Something that you can look back on and think to yourself “You know, they weren’t the cheapest photos – But man do they look good!”

What are the advantages of using a professional newborn photographer?

One of the biggest advantages of using a professional newborn photographer is peace of mind. Putting your little one in the hands of an experienced professional can enable you to rest assure that all will be taken care of. Having several years of experience and hundreds of past satisfied clients should help overcome any concerns.

To this point, there can be risk associated with not having a professional take your Newborn Photography Photos. Unfortunately, some photographers are overly eager to enter the industry without doing any proper research on how babies should be handled during photo sessions, how to get certain poses that are composite (this is meshing two or more photos together to get a unique shot), etc.

Another advantage is quality. Having a professional handle your photography significantly increases the likelihood that you will be satisfied with your newborn photos. Years and years of taking pictures, adapting creativity, and thousands of hours involved in post-production will almost certainly guarantee that your photos will be delivered to your upmost satisfaction.

How can you tell if a photographer is a professional newborn photographer?

Sometimes, the work product can speak for itself. In a side-by-side comparison of a professional newborn photo compared with a non-professional the differences are sometimes quite clear. Other times, it is not so clear.

In these instances, I would invite you to take a look at the client reviews. Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If the photographer’s clients are happy, then this will increase your likelihood of being one of those satisfied clients. Do your research! I cannot stress that enough. I have read horror stories of clients having awful experiences with their photographers because they chose their photographer with their wallets, and not their brains!

In conclusion, take your time. Figure out your budget, and stick to it. I realize not everyone can afford professional photos, and that’s okay! This post is intended to help guide those people who have the budget for the professional newborn photos, but cannot justify the cost. Hopefully this helps 🙂

With Love,

Your OC Newborn Photographer | Ashlynn

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